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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Chapter Four - Run

  ''Now is not the time time to play it safe'' I put the alien's finger on the oval and flinched backwards as a large oval hole appeared in the bubble. I took one step out and took a deep breath, dropped the hand and started running towards the end of the corridor as I ran i looked around a bit, there were dozens of bubbles placed on either side of the raised platform that I was running on and the roof was curved and white, it seemed all these operating room bubbles were in a bigger hospital bubble, I knew this meant as soon as i was out of here I was into the alien atmosphere and dead for sure but what the hell

  As I was reaching the ned of the corridor I remembered, the hand, how could I get out without my handy little friend? just as i finished that though the wall opened and I saw some poor lady on a gurney, one of those operating R2-D2s and one terrified looking alien coming towards me or me towards them anyway there was a big collision. As I hit the gurney it flipped and that poor lady went flying into the alien who was smashed into the operating robot I done know what happened too them next because I just got up and took off!   

  I didn't look back, I didn't look up or round, I just wanted to find cover, a hiding spot to catch my breath and work out my next move. The only thing in front of me was; mushrooms. Not like Earth mushrooms, giant space mushrooms, some fifty feet high and wide, all white, so these are alien forests I guessed. I headed for the nearest one and dived the last 10 feet as I was expecting to be vaporised at any minute from behind. I can breathe and that's very good, I finally realised. I'd better get some idea what I was dealing with then keep running or hiding maybe I can hollow out  a mushroom as a lair? That was a good idea it seems because as I peeked round the massive stalk back at the hospital dome, it was a mushroom, were all these mushrooms hospitals or offices or alien apartment blocks? I had no idea but I was about to see something much more disturbing. 

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