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Monday, 20 February 2012

Chapter Five - Saved by Bugs

  Humans! Humans? Like me, but not like me, but coming straight at me, these guys and gals had 6 spindly metal legs where two human legs should have been, and other robotic hardware hanging off of them too. The alien I knocked over had sounded some type of alarm and these things were the human catching squad or something? I didn't stop to count but I think there was about six of them, I just got up and bolted further in the mushroom forest but there was no shaking these machine people things as they climbed up the mushroom stalks and bounced from mushroom head to head with their robot legs they were much faster than me and they caught up with me in no time flat. I was surrounded and they slowly closed in on me, at that point I realised I wasn't going to be harmed probably because they were using us as slaves on their planet and so we were a probably valuable commodity. I knelt down as if to submit and I guess at that time thats what I was really doing but then i noticed the ground it was totally covered in mushroom type material too and it seemed soft. ''I wonder if this planet has rocks?'' I hadn't seen any yet but I thought they'd be under the mushy ground covering probably? Hopefully anyway because I now had a last ditch plan.

  Hit the robot people with a a rock, that was my brainwave of an idea, I didn't want to go back asleep for who knows how many years just to be turned into one of these monstrosities. I'd rather go down fighting, I didn't think I would get away but maybe I make them mad enough to put me into human jail before execution, a few more conversations with real people would be all I could ask for before being slain at this point, no high aspirations. I reached down and got my fingers into the ground as much as I  could, then as the gang was a bout three feet away I reefed on the mush ground as hard as I could. To my surprise it ripped up a lot more than I thought and I didn't even get a chance to look for a rock before thousands of beetles came gushing out of the tear in the ground and went straight for the robot people, they climbed up their legs and began sinking their fangs into the remaining human sections of these things, now I heard the first noises from the robot people and it was screams of agony as chunks of flesh were ripped from their bodies.

  I guess the bugs didn't see me behind the flap of ground so once again it was time to sprint into the forest, I did and I didn't stop for a long time until I was forced to, not by aliens, robot people or alien bugs but by a cliff. 


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