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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Chapter Three - Escape..?

So what? I can hear now? I lied there for a few minutes, then I felt  something in my spine that said ''Get up and run!'' sort like restless leg syndrome for the back but worse and I just sat upright and I felt great, like twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep great, it's actually just how I felt on the boat with Anna and Jeff right before the cylinder UFO appeared, refreshed and.....happy? Anyway, the next few seconds changed my mood pretty quickly. I was in a opaque bubble about 10 foot by 10 foot, I was sitting on a rectangular slab with a lattice of instruments and wires on each side of the table, I guess they disengaged and fold up as soon as the patient is awake or something. Just two other things in the room by the way, some R2-D2 looking machine and an alien with his head through the glass top of it! So I'm now awake after I don't know how long at that point, dozens of years I figure, and I'm in an alien ''hospital'' with a dead alien that I'm going to get the blame for, I don't know where I am, I don't even know if I'm on Earth still, I better get a plan fast.

  All of us here know what the aliens look like now but of course I didn't then so I was starting to freak out a bit when it's ''blood'' started to flow across the floor, it looked just like Aloe Vera juice I thought, only slightly cloudier, I can only suppose it tripped, accidents do happen. I thought of a three step plan, get out of the room, get out of the building, then, everything else happens, not a great plan.  One weird thing in a big list of weird things that day is that I had on a body suit of the same material the alien had on, ''That might help me blend in'' I thought, of course not.

  I slid off the slab at the end where there's no instruments or wires and stretched a bit, I don't know why? I never felt better physically in my life than that day. On the surface of the room I noticed an oval mark, obviously this was the door control, but no door. I can press a button, so I did, I expected something to whoosh back like Star Trek but nothing happened at all. Maybe it reads retinas I though so I put my eye up to it, nothing. Wrong finger! This needs an alien finger to make it work, I had a alien but I didn't want to take the chance on making any noise to get it over to the door. So I cut it's hand off with a piece of the glass from the machine it had fallen into, It's hide was pretty tough to slice through but with them having no bones it makes it easy after that. It was and is really gross I know but this is survival and I've had to do a lot more disgusting things since.

  I chose a finger randomly to do the pressing but just as I was about to place it on on the button and run like hell like a bolt I had the thought, ''I can breathe in here but can I breathe out there?''  

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