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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chapter Two - Will force

  Sleeping but awake, always always awake. I could feel everything but could not see, smell or hear anything. It only seemed like a short time before I was aware I was still alive after being taken off the boat , but it easily could have been years. I can't really explain how it feels to feel medical procedures being performed on your body and not being able to move or cry out. After a while I looked forward to the ''visits'' from the ''Doctors'' as I called them, at least it meant I was still alive in some sort of way and not alone for an hour or two. In the time between visits I invented whole worlds in my head. I remember in one world I was a rock star, in another I was a professional football player but there were many different worlds and I moved between them sometimes staying for what seemed a few days, sometimes staying for years, but in everyone I had my family and friends around me. I knew it was pretty likely that some were gone but you always see interviews with hugely famous celebrities saying having good family family and friends keeps the grounded. I figured it might keep me sane. 

  Then for a long time I abandoned hope. I tried to go insane! I figured this existence might be more fun as a crazy person. But I couldn't, whatever crazy thoughts I tried to act out in my head to go insane didn't get me any closer to losing it, I always remained somewhat calm, which made me very confused. If I couldn't go insane then I could only see two options, returning to my made up worlds or mind power. I decided to do both. For stretches I would go to visit my dream worlds and relax with my friends and family, really having a nice time, I even dreamed up a wife and kids. Then after a ''visit'' I would switch myself into the superhero 'Mind Control Man', this was comparatively fun as I guessed I was being kept physically inactive by drugs or advanced alien technology of some type so I tried to use my mind powers to disrupt their machines or over power an alien nurse to stab the alien doctor or some other scenario resulting in me being set free. Maybe I was actually crazy at those times but It made me feel as though I was doing something. I set up a schedule where mind control practice was work and my career and dream worlds were for holidays and recharging my brain batteries.

  The longest gap between visits now came. I was really happy because it gave me a chance to work really hard on my mind powers skills I convinced myself. This visit wasn't much different to many I'd had before, it felt like checking my blood pressure, fiddling with tubes in my arms and legs, no messing around internally which was great because there was a lot less pain to deal with. So I'm straining as hard as possible to send barrage of mind waves at the piece of equipment that's keeping me under control that of course I can't see and that I don't even it exists when something cool happened, I heard a noise, was I mistaken did that alien just drop a glass? 


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